Let TRAI Force ISPs to show contention ratio


May 13, 2010
Currently Internet providers advertise showing very high speed, but after taking connection only a user realises that he does not get the speed that is advertised and what the user is showed is the highest speed possible and not the speed a user gets most of the time.Since a user has taken a connection and with it all the initial expenses, he is forced to continue the connection even if he is not happy, else he will lose the money he has already invested.One of the reasons told is that Internet connection is shared with multiple users, so the more users are there, your connection is getting slow, but how will you as a user know how many users are actually using the same connection?For example if they say 10 users are sharing connection with you, are these users permanent or temporary?If the same 10 people are always sharing, then your connection speed will vary and you will get an advantage when they use as somebody or other will not be using and users should vary between 1-10 at time.However what if your ISP will keep adding people into that 10 every time one or two person logs out .... then all the time you will have 10 users which means you will never get the full speed but just the divided speed.Is it possible for ISPs to manipulate contention ratio to their advantage?At least there should be some sort of a website where a user can login and should be able to know how many users are simultaneously sharing the same connection... so that one can know if contention ratio is being followed to benefit the ISPs or users?


Oct 29, 2004
From what I understand trai has already made it mandatory for ISPs to provide 80% of advertised speeds on wired connections.
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