Need Help Choosing Unlimited Plan & ISP at Bangalore


Nov 8, 2012
I'm at JP Nagar Phase 7, Bangalore. I am currently using a Reliance USB Dongle, and am considering moving to a wired 'unlimited' connection. I need min. 512 kbps, and my budget is max 1.5k monthly.

Now, the idiots running my apartment complex will allow only 2 telephone operators: BSNL & Airtel. So my choices are limited to these 2 wired operators.

I've had a look at the 'unlimited' plans on offer:

BSNL ADSL: 512 kbps @ 750

BSNL FTTH: 512 kbps @ 750

Airtel: 8 Mbps with 60 GB FUP @ 1250 (Transonic 1250)
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The Airtel plan looks very attractive, but I'm concerned about their service post the FUP. I had used Airtel ~1.5 years ago, where once the FUP limit was crossed, they would arbitrarily redirect every 2nd or 3nd web page to their 'FUP' page. This was a pain in the unmentionables since you couldn't check web-mail, do financial transactions, etc. I think they used to allow a 'grace' of few 100s of MB traffic after FUP, and then they blocked all traffic other than HTTP (POP3, SMTP, Bittorrent), making the connection useless.

Can someone please tell about the current Airtel behaviour, post the FUP?

My next option is BSNL FTTH, since their connectivity with ADSL seems to be very flaky. The speeds truly look pathethic in comparision, but I might take them up if Airtel still behaves as earlier. Now their brochure claims that the FTTH plan is 'Unlimited'.

Can someone please confirm whether the BSNL FTTH 'Unlimited' is FUP'ed or not ?

I am keeping the BSNL ADSL plan as my last option since I've seen many complaining of flaky lines. Now BSNL claims this ADSL speed is 'Truly Unlimited', and doesn't mention any data limits with this plan (Unlike their other plans).

Can someone please tell whether BSNL's ADSL 'Truly Unlimited' plans have a FUP ?