Reliance GSM 3G settings


Jul 19, 2012
Hello,I just ported into reliance from bpl and the only reason for porting was for 3g and sadly i havent got that to work. Could you please provide me with settings of 3g, i am a postpaid suscriber. Will be using on my iphone 4. I tried rcomnet and smartinet as the APN but i get an error in safari saying "could not activate cellular data network" "you are not subscribed to a cellular data service'. Called the CC helpline as well he told me to keep rcomnet as the APN and restart the phone. It didnt work. Called up once again and the other guy sent me settings through sms which dont work in an iphone. I even left all fields blank as you are to do on vodafone even that didnt work. Would some one kindly let me know the settings. Thanks in advance


New Member
Nov 3, 2013
Tried successfully on 3G USB Modem Leosys with following setting
phone number : *99#
User Name : keep it blank
password : keep it blank
in Mumbai

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