Connecting Cisco DPQ-2160 Cable Modem with Beetel 450TC1 Adsl2+ Router

Kumar Ankush

Nov 6, 2012
I was using an ADSL connection previously, but now i have switched to a cable modem connection. The ADSL router provided by my previous ISP was wireless but my new ISP has provided me a very basic cable modem with only one Ethernet output port. I need to dial a PPPoE Broadband connection in order to connect my computer to the internet.I want to connect my cable modem to my adsl router and configure the PPPoE settings to connect to the internet automatically, or atleast be able to dial the PPPoE connection over the wifi network. When I connect the Cable modem's ethernet output to LAN1 on my adsl modem and connect an Ethernet cable from any other port on the ADSL to my computer, i am able to dial the connection, but if i try to dial it over Wifi, i get either error 629 or error 691. I have tried the following things till now1>Simply filled in the userid/pass fields in my ADSL PPPoE settings but this did not work.2>The IP address of my Cable modem is and that of my ADSL router is, i changed the IP address of my ADSL router to and connected my computer to it wirelessly, still i wasn't able to connect to the internet, or dial the connection over wifi or even LAN this time.3>I disabled DHCP on my ADSL router, tried to connect it in bridge mode, but nothing works.Any help will be appreciatedP.S:-My cable modem does not provide me any options other than displaying the statistics. I cannot do anything in the cable modem settings, so all the tweaks and settings have to be done on the ADSL router