Need Help On setting up STB For New FTA/Cable Connection

Deep Singh

Nov 4, 2012
Hi evry1, im new 2 this forum and dont know much about STB so any help wud be apprecieated.

1st let me tell u the config i have:
1. 32" LCD with AVI, 2 HDMI, one used for PC with Broadband
2. Old CRT TV with AVI only.
3. Digital cable conection: Digicable STB w/o card(Location - New Delhi)

These are specs i have in mind:
1. Now i want to setup a FTA system for my location with max avail. channels, also if i can use this STB with Digicable it would be a plus.
2. If possible i would like HDMI, USB option to record, 1080p resolution or whichever there is highest possible config! like dvb-s2 and mpeg4
3. A good looking budget STB with nice interface available easily in delhi. (PS: Tata SKY+ HD looks way cool )
4. Lastly.. if i buy a better STB like dreambox or etc, does it allows to watch paid channels?

Prior to create a thread ive been reading some threads to find recommened hardware,
and have set budget from 2.k to 7k
Now this is what i know about getting started

1. one 6ft sat + 4 LNB (2 for CU band and 2 for Ku Band) are good enough for sat hunting.
and no overloading of LNB's right??
2. i can use any HD STB for my req. provided it has USB, HDMI and recorder options

But i still have few questions:

A. i have read about only 2 brands of Dish so far:
1. SOLID brand HD ready dish
2. Xcruiser brands.......not easily avail and very costly but wud have better basically a NO!
Note: Solid might be easily available, but idk if its bang 4 da buck, plus i think its chinese brand?

B.few brands for HD STB with my req: USB, HDMI and recorder options
1. but costly and not easily available
2. Xcruiser....same...gud quality but costly and not easily available
2. Skybox and openbox....chinese but will meet req.
3. DTH like Tata sky and airtel......might look good but would require modding. so basically a NO!
4. Do i need Double or quad LNB?? for both Tv

If there is any noob guide for the same, please share!

1. i read about CCCam and card share, should i be looking for STB with these functions?? and what more should i look for in setting new system??
2. Cheapest option would be DD direct+ should i go for it?? will it meet my 1st 2 specs atleast ie. Digicable, USB and 1080p

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