MTNL deliberately reducing bandwidth of 2mbps plan in Delhi?


Sep 29, 2007
I think this may have been discussed in some other thread previously, but I am creating a new one anyway.Users of MTNL in Delhi (and Mumbai too) are well-aware about the frequent line disconnections they suffer with every passing hour. The issue has been discussed exhaustively in past, and the thread is not meant to discuss it again.Instead, what I do want to know is whether people, especially those that are on high-bandwidth plans, are experiencing high-ping time from other websites and also seeing a reduction in download (and upload) speed, whenever the connection is restored? If so what are the ways with which this situation can possibly be avoided? Me, I simply switch the router off for 20 seconds and switch it back on, and more often than not, I do get consistent download speed after that.But there must be something that I am missing, that others here aren't. If so, what are your suggestions?

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