Unable to send SMS from Vodafone 3G datacard stick


Nov 4, 2012
I have sent an attachment file which is a screen capture of error message which I am getting nowadays while I am trying to send an SMS through vodafone datacard stick bearing sim card number 9879112041. Please also Note that the facility had earlier also stopped in month of June-12 and then resumed since 05-09-2012. Once again this facility has stopped working.Further as per my latest bill an attchment of which I have also sent to Vodafone I have been able to send only 54 SMS during the period mention below. Whereas I have opted SMS plans for which every month I am paying Rs.45+34 = Rs.79. Thus on account of unavailability of this facility I will have to pay Rs.79 for 54 SMS I sent during billing period as mention below. This is a gross injustice and dis-service Vodafone is doing to me.Bill no: 0001013584102012Bill period: 22.09.12 to 21.10.12Bill date: 22.10.12Talkplan: MBB_VOL_650_30d_3GB_3GFor your information no. of SMS I used to send from this data card since Feb-12 is as underFeb-12 265Mar-12 429Apr-12 694May-12 326Jun-12 175Jul -12 95Aug-12 0Sept-12 120 You can now understand how much financial harm Vodafone are doing it to me.Please Help me if something can be done about it Umang Bhattcell number for Talk 9925900577Data Card No. 9879112041

Vel India

Jun 27, 2012
Hello Umang,Thank you for speaking with us. Hope we were able to assist you with your concern.Regards,Vodafone Customer Care, Gujarat.

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