TV5 ASIE out!!!


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Jun 17, 2010
hathway has pulled a plug on TV5 asie a french free to air channel.I subscribed to hathway over the likes of tata,dish and others just for the fact that they offer free-to-air foreign channels.I do not watch much TV ,but when i do,i watch only the documentaries on TV5 and hathway has managed to ruin that for me.I hope they have an explanation for the same.Just curious,are there any other services which offer free to air foreign channels?if so what channels are being offered?


Dec 26, 2011
Hathway Digital Cable Mumbai is still showing TV5 Monde Asie on Channel number 856 as of the day 17 November, 2012. The signals are on from the MSO head-end, but your local operator has taken it off from his sub-headend. The reason for removal could be to make way for some other channel since our cable operators are not interested in utilizing the bandwidth created by abandoning Analog Cable network and to save on digital cable transmitting equipment costs.

Dish TV charges Rs149 per month for this TV5 Asie channel as an addon, even when the beam in India is a 100% free-to-air channel. Other dth operators do not provide many foreign channels except for some dth like Airtel that provide ITV Granada, Trace Sports etc. But again the channels coming in and going out is common with dth/cable.

Here are the screen images (EPG with date and time) captured a few minutes back from my Humax Hathway Digital Cable set-top box: