The Four (2012) Chinese X-Men :))


May 1, 2007
When counterfeit bills appear in the capital city of the Song Dynasty, the court-run Six Fan Gate Constabulary and the independent Divine Constabulary are assigned to investigate. Coldblood of Six Fan Gate is sent undercover to Divine, where he befriends fellow independent constables Life Snatcher and Iron Hand, as well as the beautiful Emotionless. Emotionless discovers Coldblood's identity but growing affection between the two keeps her from telling anyone. Coldblood causes the shut down of Divine but before he has time to regret it he becomes involved in a battle against God of Wealth who plots to overthrow the government...

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Didn't get much positive response but they plan to make a trilogy out of it.
Was watchable.. Now I'm waiting for english subs for this chinese sherlock holmes set in 1920's =))

The Bullet Vanishes (2012)
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