Refund of balance from Tata Sky


Jan 2, 2009
Has any got a refund after unsubscribing from Tatasky?They say "You are a premium customer", but never give the kind of service.Just renewed by 6 month semi annual pack HD plus secondary semi annual SD @ approx 4800.I call up CC and state 'secondary set top box' not working - need a technician to confirm.First 7.30 pm. No body turns up. I am told they tried calling a mobile number, which is not my primary number. They also do not call the alternate which was land line.Then I get a message scheduled for 12.20 pm the next day. I call up an request to make it early. They said okay. No one turns up. I call up, they say it 12.20 only.I call up by 12.45 they say it is between 12.45 and 1.15I am in a meeting and I get a call by 2.25 asking for address, I request them to get it from CC as I am in a meeting.It is 2.55 now and nobody turns up. I call CC asking for refund. They are firm saying "you wont get any refund".This is what you get being a Tata SKY customer for quite long time.I have no choice than to stay with them or I have to loose Rs 5000/=


Oct 11, 2009
Mukerian, Punjab
I never thought this miracle if I put my comments and tata sky will give me such goodwill, here is the message from tata sky just now..........
"Goodwill SD Hd Rs 1053"........what is this? and money is credited to my account.............can't believe Tata Sky some time or they watching me at IB Forum....... anybody having such goodwill from Tata Sky.......