Mondelez is the new name of Cadbury India


Oct 7, 2006
Cadbury India to be now known as Mondelez - The Economic Times

In early 2010, Kraft Foods had acquired British candy maker Cadbury in a deal worth close to $19 billion. Then, on October 1, 2012, Kraft's snacks business - which includes brands such as Cadbury, Tang and Trident - was spun off into Mondelez; the flagship company will be left with the grocery portfolio, which includes such brands as Philadelphia cream cheese and Maxwell House coffee

As such we wont notice any difference for now

"There will be no change whatsoever in the names of any of our products as Mondelez International is the overarching corporate identity and will ultimately appear on the back of the pack. There will be no change in branding practices for Cadbury in India," a company spokesperson said.
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