Some issues for MTNL newbie...


Sep 25, 2012
Guys,Finally installed mtnl triband yesterday with lots of hassles, two oldies from mtnl came and were struggling to install for 1.3hrs....Well, my current setup is TPlink W8951 in the hall...its modem cum router...TP link wifi adapter in desktop in bedroom, my sis has laptop in her bedroom...both adapter and her laptop show signal bar at one but still net is issues...However, in combo 550 plan, speed doubles at didn't happen yest...should I wait for 2-3 days for connection to get stabilized....??Also, should I try changing the wifi channel in wireless section to something else to improve signal coverage? Current is auto and defaults to channel no.1My third and last query is which is the portal where I can login and check broadband account? Is id and pwd same as tel no and CA no, I tried but it says inccorrect username...kindly provide the link to check it....Thanks


Sep 22, 2012
hello shiningstar79
1. Reset your modem at the time when your speed doubles. Eg- If speed doubles at 11 pm then reset your modem at maybe 11.05 to be on the safer side(any time after 11pm will do). If the speed still doesn't double, contact the mtnl people.
2. No clue :p
3. MAHANAGAR TELEPHONE NIGAM LIMITED, enter your phone no as username and CA no as password(most prolly) or else contact the mtnl staff about it.

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