Airtel slows down speeds on 3G even on limited data plans!


Oct 6, 2012
Sep 6, 2012, Dear Friends, it seems the pre paid Air Tel 3 G U S B modem service has 2 kinds of data channels, one, is the memory that you are purchasing for using, and of course this memory is till 1 month validity after which is is invalidated, or this memory have to be used before 1 month, now, there 1 more interesting memory usage, the speed usage, which also get invalidated quickly if we access any memory in the internet that constantly needs high speed, like watching videos beyond a limit, would invalidate the 3 g speed, and the speed drastically reduces, though the left memory is still there and is ready for slow speed usage, of course if we use this speed usage for still picture and texts, then this speed usage gets reduced that the end of the memory usage. So, have you all experiencing this? What are the remedies? Is Air Tel playing unethical? Were we told that this would happen? We were supposed to enjoy 3 G speed for the whole memory we purchase.


Sep 12, 2012
My speeds reduced from 4 mbps to 70 kbps after I consumed 60% data of my 1GB Rs. 250 plan. Interestingly, the ping is still good and the upload speeds are double the download speeds - 140 kbps (though they were 1 mbps earlier). I have tried contacting airtel but they wouldn't admit to any cap. After 15 days of being harassed, I have decided to move to another provider so that I can get 3G services. Note that I get more speeds when I switch 3G off. My location is the same.