AMD's AM3+ socket will be future compatible for the nxt few yrs


Feb 3, 2012
CHIP DESIGNER AMD has said that its upcoming Vishera chip will not be the last to use Socket AM3+.

The Firm not only confirmed that socket AM3+ users can expect at least one more chip, almost certainly one based on the Steamroller architecture, it said that all of its future processors "in a few years time" will be socket compatible.

AMD's statement regarding top-to-bottom socket compatibility means that its upcoming accelerated processor units (APUs) will have another three years or so using the FM2 socket that will make its debut with Trinity in October. The firm said Trinity's use of FM2 will be the last socket change before it standardises on one socket for all of its desktop processors.

AMD deserves credit for supporting Socket AM3+ customers, however that could hamstring the company in the coming years as it tries to iterate the Bulldozer architecture from Piledriver to Steamroller. Nevertheless, when AMD does settle on a single socket for its desktop processors and in particular its high volume APU parts, that should help the firm win favour with OEMs and system builders that can standardise on a single motherboard.

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One Socket for every upgrade is definitely an awesome news for AMD owners n new buyers ...


May 12, 2012
Honestly, I couldn't care more about sockets. I was bugged by Intel's constant change, but then I realized that whenever I buy a new PC, I buy everything. Never do upgrades. Good news for those who do though.