Suggest decent 3G provider in Aundh, Pune (use as primary Internet connection)


Jan 10, 2009
Mumbai <--> Pune
2 months from now I will need internet connection in Aundh area of Pune. I won't be taking any wired ISP as many require few months of commitment and in most cases in my personal experience not all poplar ISPs cover all buildings in the area. So in order to not get confined to a single provider and have some freedom, I am planning to opt for 3G to use primarily as my internet connection. I have used BSNL 3G before in 2011 but that was when they had the 4500 Rs / 6 Months plan. Now I am not sure what plans are good and mostly something which has decent connectivity in Aundh, Pune area. I would like if I am able to use the connection in Mumbai too. But that is not mandatory.I already have the UMG 1831 USB modem which I will be using. It would be good if I can get a decent internet for under 1000 rupees a month.


Ancient Philospher
Dec 9, 2006
MTNL Mumbai's unlimited 3G pack is 2500 Rs. for two months. I think it should work with BSNL in Pune as well but not sure. Wait for someone to confirm.

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