Low speed and dissconnecting after 3 or 5 min


Sep 29, 2012
Dear Sir My self Raghavendra Tandel, I am using Reliance netconnect plus since 20 days, When I bought it they told me that I will get 3.1 MBPS speed upto 5GB uses, After 5GB speed will be 144 KBPS. First thing is i am getting not more than 30 kbps speed and second thing is internet disconnection like, internet is not working after 5 minutes when i connected to internet and also same problem will appear if i open more than 2 browser tabs. The download speed reaches to zero speed and internet is not working untill unless disconnect the reliance application and connect it again.Same problem repeats for every connection. Many time I tried to reliance netconnect customer care, Always they are reason that remove all cookies then you will get the speed, I have done all suggestion hourly basis which was given by them, but I am not getting speed and also not solved the internet dissconnectionproblem as they promised to me. Please help me out.


Apr 26, 2009
How about using an extension cable and placing the dongle near the window? It could be a signal issue! Also use Firefox with tweaks that should help with the speeds.