Fxxking Aircel Mystory

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Mar 6, 2008
I recently activated 399/- 3g Unlimited plan on my aircel
Trial pack was working like charm 256mb ( start 3g and stop 3g )

But the shit is just going to start ... :Flush:

Problem is : After 2 days my 399/- was activated. I was happy happy! expecting to see speeds promised.
My location has very good 3g signal

Day 1: connection to aircelgprs access point not working

took 2 days to resolve

Day 3: Data speed was coming at 128Kbps ( fup limit by default )
I haven't made use of 2GB limit aircel dogs :Bat: Day 3, Day 4 was simply browsing at this speed

Today is Day 5.. I am still not getting 3g speeds :tasty:

So, don't get mocked up by the trial pack.... and go activiate some shit packs :listeningheadphones

If you guys have any suggestions of the best 3G Plans in Bangalore let me know
Not open for further replies.

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