Fantastic Discovery for best connection

Rohit Ramachandran

Sep 23, 2012
As today morning I found a discovery..
OK here it is!
Its about our modem configuration....
The requirements
A splitter
3 ADSL wires
A telephone
LAN Wire
& a modem of course

Before the steps.. first try your speed test @ & remember your Speeds
1. Take the modem and place it near your computer where the LAN wire can reach the computer.
2. Connect the LAN wire from your modem to the computer.. then connect a ADSL wire from modem to the nearest line. Do not connect using splitter.
3. Now go to where you usually connect your telephone & connect another ADSL wire from the line to the splitter.
4. Now connect another ADSL wire from splitter phone to the telephone.
That means it will be like this..

Now try your speed test!
It would be better!!

Thank You for Reading


Mar 31, 2007
i dont understand your diagram.on first image only phone is connected, then why use splitter?on second image another line is connected to adsl modem. which line is this? is this line taken from a parellel connection before splitter attached(1st image) or this is entirely a new any case, you adsl link should be unstable.

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