HD Gold Package Price Protection


Sep 20, 2012
Hi,On 25th Feb '12 I got a promotional call from TS CC that if I subscribe for HD Gold pack on that day then I have a price protection for the same. The executive did not mention any time limit or affect of adding of new channels.Now on 18th Sep '12 I got an alert that my HD Gold Pack price got revised. On contacting CC they told that your pack has price protection only for Six months, and offer expired on 25th Aug '12 but due to system delay it is being revised on 18th Sep.I excatly remember the promotional call executive didn't mention any 6 months theory. Even the person had explained me that even many customers are still using the pack at launch price of Rs.30/month.Can anybody help me what are the facts? Is there any protection scheme going untill you drop the pack? Or that was a gimmick of the CC executive to sell the pack?Regards,VibhavPS: First time posting the thread on the forum, so excuse me for any inconvenience.

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