Net Neutrality complaint to be filed against AT&T


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May 21, 2011
AT&T's recent announcement that they'd be blocking FaceTime over cellular unless you're on one of their new mobile share plans has put them at odds with many of their customers. They are now facing a net neutrality complaint as a result.

Free Press, Public Knowledge, and the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute will be filing a complaint with the FCC in regards to AT&T blocking FaceTime over cellular to customers that aren't on a specific data plan on the grounds that it violates net neutrality. AT&T released a statement recently that argued they weren't in violation since net neutrality only covered third party apps and not built-in apps.

More here - Net Neutrality complaint to be filed against AT&T for blocking FaceTime over cellular |


May 10, 2005
New Delhi
I hope whtsapp also add option for video chat ..Tht will make facetime irrelevant .. And then we will use wht this cellular companies say ..As I have iphone 4 .. I won't be able to make facetime over 3g even after updating to ios6 ..But its very wrong of any cellular company to block facetime over 3g and provide it for only certain plans .. If I have got 1gb of data then I should be able to use it in anyway I want ..

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