Tata Photon Plus Billing issue


May 19, 2006
Tata Tele services has special plans for TCS employees.My Plan - 3GB/550rs/monthThis plan was upgraded in August 2012 to 5GB/550rs/month for all TCS employees.I was under the impression that i would auto matically be upgraded to the new setup and utilized a little more than 4GB in August.That was a big mistake.For all data used over 3GB, i was charge .50/MB and i got a bill of 1225/-I complained and they replied back saying that the plans were not automatically upgraded and a user has to call to get them upgraded.I am having a hard time with these guys.I have an email sent to the the appellate authority and am waiting for their response.Does anyone know who i can contact to get this resolved.I think this is not fair.Guys ... am i wrong...?