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Nov 9, 2010
Airtel launches real time traffic information* and voice based turn by turn navigation for its customers.

Airtel Smartdrive

About smartdrive

smartdrive helps you find the smartest way when you need it.

Just search for where you want to go and smartdrive will help you go there taking the best route. You can use the live traffic information or take help of voice based Turn by turn navigation to take the fastest way. With smartdrive you can easily search and get the exact location of your destinations. Also find restaurants, shopping, lodging, medical and several other services around you at any time, so you can always find relevant services in unknown places.

Searching any destination of your choice like restaurants, tourist places etc, or planning the route to go from Place A to Place B is absolutely free. You will have to pay only for using premium features like Live traffic and Voice navigation

Live traffic

Get the current traffic situation on the roads in a easy to understand color coded format where

» Red means traffic is moving very slow
» Yellow means traffic is moving at a moderate speed
» Green means the traffic flow is smooth

Now you can Plan your journey in a smart way
*Live traffic is available only in Delhi & NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore.


Get directions to any place, either by driving or walking. You can get navigation instructions to go from anywhere to anywhere in the country.

how to start using the service

SMS smart to 54321 to get a link to download the application.
Click on the link and install the application on your phone.
Go to "shop" option in the application and choose the service to subscribe, live traffic or Navigation.

subscription options

Both LiveTraffic and Navigation are available in monthly and daily packs


Monthy Pack – Rs.49/month
Daily pack – Rs.3/day


Monthly Pack – Rs.99/month
Daily pack – Rs.10/day

how to unsubscribe from the service
SMS stop to 121 and choose traffic or Navigation options to unsubscribe from the respective service
For FAQs click here
For list of compatible handsets click here

better to use Google Navigation....

Jan 19, 2007
If Airtel is using Google app for their service then its foolish to subscribe Airtel's service as we can have Map and Navigation service for free.
(I fear and hope it never comes true, that Airtel would someday block all free Navigation/Map apps if people are not subscribed to their Smartdrive service).
If I have provided evil idea to Airtel, please remove above line :)


Oct 29, 2004
If google was the source, they would not be restricting the service to just Delhi & NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore.


Jun 17, 2011
I am wondering why someone using Nokia and android phone will pay for this duplicate service when they already have the original service for free.


Bhatakti Aatma
Jun 13, 2009
That might be because their research (and common sense) would suggest that these centers have people who would need a navigation system as well as be willing to pay for it.

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