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Oct 29, 2004
Quora said:

We wanted to let you know about some changes to messaging on Quora that we hope you’ll like. (You’re receiving this because you’ve sent a message at least once in the last year.)

Here’s how it will work, starting today: with some exceptions, only users that you follow will be able to message you, and you’ll need to be followed by someone to message them. A few trusted users, such as Quora moderation team, Verified accounts, and Top Writers will be able to message anyone.

Unfollowing someone will not hide conversations with them or prevent further conversation on threads you’ve replied to. You'll still be able to report messages and/or block other users if you receive unwanted messages. However, we expect that with these changes, you’ll need to do either of these much more rarely. To learn more about why we made these changes, read New Messaging Settings by Diana Gerr on The Quora Blog.

If you still want to receive messages from any user, even if you don’t follow them, you can do so via your privacy settings. The setting to completely turn off messaging will still be available as well.

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