In2net users : Need Help for router configration TP LInk WiFI Router


Sep 9, 2012
Hello AllI am new here,I am from mumbai near mulund-bhandup.I am facing some issue with In2net they are providing worst service to me actualy i have taken this net connection from my cable walaaA..erlier i had 5nkinjal internet connection but dont know ehy this cable wala changed to in2net.I know how to configure my router bcz i used it with 5nkinjal .. its TP LINK WIFI 3G ROUTER but i dont know i am unable to configure itits also saying conecting only.. ,i called my cable wala but he is not allowing me to give that technician no. i called 1 of service man named prasad no. is 09773325577 but this guys not talking properly he saying that router configuration is not possible,dont call me n bla bla n used to cut the call..I dont have any other no. who can help me out,he even said that for it u need to ask for comp enginner n give them 500 rs..wtfi am unable to share my wifi with my laptop..plz guys sum1 help me,if anyone can help me to this then it will be nice for me,Also anyone from my side mulund bhandup then plz help me out.what i am thinking its mac reset prob but it should work atlst on my main network pc..if anyone can help me via teamviwer then pm me..Thanks.


Oct 23, 2012
Koi to help karo..plz help sum1..

1. u just need to login to connect to the router.
2. go to or whatever u have set as the router ip.
3. log in to the router,default username and password are same : admin
4. got to the 'quick setup', select it as router. click next
5. write ur username and password given to u by the in2net guy.
6. save it but dont reboot yet.
7. click on 'advanced' in 'Network' in 'Basic Settings' menu .
8. enter the service name as 'in2net'.
9. also since the in2net locks in the mac address of the device u used first to access the internet.....which i think might pe ur pc.....u have to click on the 'mac clone' link in the basic settings menu and put in th mac address of ur ethernet port or whatever device u used to connect to the device first.....remembe,r mac address of the ethernet port is diffrent from the mac address of ur pc or wifi module in ur laptop so be sure to put in the ethernet port's mac adress......i think u understand what i am saying with the mac address.
10. save and reboot.
11. awesome

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