BlackBerry 10 L-Series


Oct 7, 2006
BlackBerry 10 L-Series gets a early hands-on teardown |

Full capacitive touch-screen, we were informed that the keyboard version would most likely come out a month after.

Dual core processor with an pristine IPS display

Two colors: white + black. The white looks awesome, way better than the iPhone 5 which I am currently testing.

Front camera with video chat feature like team view. Besides being able to see each other through the front camera, it can also show the screen of the person you are talking too.

Camera with auto-focus can take pictures at the speed of 1shot/second, then you can choose the best one.

Time view function. For 1 picture, it could save up to 10 facial expressions of any person, they you can scroll back and forth to view and choose the best one.