TINGRE NAGAR,PUNE internet problem , near road no.14


Aug 30, 2012
Hi Friends,
I am facing a serious internet problem :( :(

In my aread , road no.14 tingre nagar (nearer to the airport), there is no broadband penetration except for Sifi/Pacenet which i have.
But the thing is i am connected through LAN to the adapter which is in another building.
So if light goes, my internet goes. The service provider says there is no solution to the problem.

I desperately need a solution to internet problem because recently I am expected to work from home on the weekends and for that round-the-clock connectivity is a must , as we have promised within 2-minute response time to the customer.

No wireless (3G usb/data card of RELIANCE,TATA DOCOMO, MBLAZE ) connection is possible in my area due to weak signal.
The reason being my area is very close to air-force station and no towers are there.

Also the my home is in a area where there are no societies/flats, all are individual homes and not many people need round-the-clock internet connection always. Also other broadband providers like RELIANCE BROADBAND,TATA BROADBAND are saying no because of no feasibility as I am only the one who needs internet and due to this it is not feasible for them to provide the same. I cant go for BSNL as it gets disconnected and their customer is bad, i am saying this from my past experience , i had to eventually discontinue it. VODAFONE 3G wireless plans are very expensive and it doesnt have an unlimited plan!! phew

Please suggest an alternative/solution for my area: ROAD NO.14 TINGRE NAGAR,PUNE(NEARER TO THE AIRPORT)

Sachin Pawar


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Sep 14, 2013
Hi Sachin,
I found this thread as I am facing the same problem which you faced last year. I just wanted to ask did you get any alternative ?



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Nov 25, 2015
I stay at tingrenagar rd no 6... Near vidyanagar bus stop...
Even i'm looking for a broadband service... I had reliance but they had disconnected their services from tingrenagar and not going to start their services... I confirmed it with the reliance too...
Other service providers are also not interested...
But i have one local service provider ready to offer wired connection in this are... but they need a few more connections to go with.. So if anyone is interested pls check it with the Kosmic Internet Broadband Services in vishrantwadi...
or contact me;


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Jun 29, 2016

I have opted for Bhavana Broadband Service this month in Tingare Nagar Pune. Even though plan is 5 Gb FUP with 1 Mbps unlimited, dowloading speed is really terrible.

-Some times its is really difficult to even open facebook.
- Downloading speed will hover between 10 kbps to 50 kbps. Very rarely it will cross 50 kbps mark.
- Unreliable: number of times a day, it will be difficult to download whatsapp messages, pictures and videos.
- Only site tha is working good is youtube. You can watch youtube videos without buffering at 360p to 720p.
- Non supportive customer care: I called customer care excutive and mention about low speed. The very next moment that executive cut the call.

Horrible ISP please don't go for it.

I not yet tried other services. only available in my area is ICC and Bhavana.

Can anyone provide me honest review of ICC broadband service?

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