New BSNL Broadband Connection charge summary


Dec 30, 2011
Hi,Note: I am planning to get a new broadband connection from BSNL as Airtel drops to 256 kbps after FUP making it difficult for my work while BSNL has 750UL plan where speed after FUP is 512kbps. Now, I walked in to the bsnl customer service center and they gave me two forms for a new connection.I am planning to opt for Combo Plan(Telephone Rental Free) UL750.Now, about the forms1. BroadBand FormThe fare details are as follows:a. Installation charege - 250b. One month Plan Rental in advance - 750c. Modem charge ( Planning to take adsl ) - 1100d. Broadband usage charge for first billing cycle - 750e. Service tax.But there is another separate form for new telephone connection which statesRegistration charge - 500.So my queries are:1. Apart from (a-e) items which I have listed, will I need to pay 500 extra as registration charge for new telephone connection? If so will I get a telephone instrument for this charge or is that separately chargeable?2. Is (b) refundable?Please help as I am very sure in exchange they will not help me clearly for these doubts :)Note: I don't want any telephone at all. I just want broadband. But I think telephone is mandatory. please clarify.


Aug 10, 2008
All i remember is that BSNL took only Rs. 500 when we take a new phone+broadband connection & charges the rest of the amount in the 1st bill - approx about 2k or so