Problem with my website not opening in BSNL


Nov 23, 2010
Since, July 2012

My web hosting server is located in the US. When i try to open my website, BSNL does not open it. When i enter the ip address, BSNL opens the web hosting site. My website opens properly on Reliance and TATA Photon Plus internet.

I found that it was BSNL DNS server's problem. I changed my Win 7 Network Connection's DNS to GoogleDNS. Since, then my website is opening on BSNL.

But, my customers in India who have BSNL internet, would not be able to open my website. I have changed my pc dns server settings so the website is opening properly for me. What about my business? My customers in India would think that my site is down and nonexistent. My business is suffering from this problem.

I think that the global DNS change phenomenon was on 7th July 2012. Any solutions about how to resolve this issue with BSNL DNS. Is their any solution to this problem with BSNL?