Violence in Lucknow after Friday prayers


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May 21, 2011
Violence erupted after Alvida namaz (on the last Friday of Ramzan) in Lucknow as a mob, numbering about 500, went berserk and indulged in large-scale violence, targeting mediapersons in particular and even beating up several bystanders who were caught unawares. The mayhem on a six-km stretch, from Pucca Pul (formerly Hardinge Bridge) near the Tile Wali Masjid and Asafi Imambara in the Old City to Dharna Sthal opposite the Vidhan Bhavan building, continued for about an hour notwithstanding a strong police presence on account of Alvida. Several persons, including five press photographers and TV cameramen, were injured in stone throwing and other violence, and over a dozen vehicles, including those of a TV channel, damaged and torched. Roadside shops at Buddha Park and near the Scientific Convention Centre were ransacked by the miscreants, who also roughed up some tourists at Buddha Park and the adjacent Haathi Park.

Violence against Muslims in Assam and Myanmar was said to be the cause of a protest march. But it is not known who was behind the decision to gherao Vidhan Sabha and who made speeches at Pucca Pul, inciting the mob. A dharna was staged at Dharna Sthal by the State unit of the Jamiatul Ulema Hind in protest against the atrocities on Muslims in Assam and Myanmar, but the JUH denied it was involved in violence and arson.

And the most shocking image came from Hindustan Times - of the mob desecrating the statue of Mahavira.


May 12, 2012
Vehli janta. itne fudu bhare huye hain iss desh mein.


Aug 13, 2012
What does fundu mean antifup?Times like these make me leave my belief in religion and become an atheist cuz wth did that statue do to em?

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