New Right of Centre initiative


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May 21, 2011
Looks like a few people have come together to launch a new Right of Centre political discourse through a new website called "Niti Central" - Niti Central | Bold and Right

It appears that the website will carry content from some of the prominent Centre-Right authors like Arun Shourie, Tavleen Singh, Swapan Dasgupta among others. Seems nice, but when I look at the Editor, I see the name Kanchan Gupta pop up and that somehow makes me fear that the website will be more about BJP a$$ licking than a serious platform to share right of centre views. I am fine with people affiliated to the BJP or any right wing party contributing to the website, but Kanchan Gupta has a reputation of defending the absurd. Trust him to tell you to mind your business if you question corruption within the BJP ranks. Anyway, if Arun Shourie is a regular here, I might be a regular visitor too. Will be great if he is back to active journalism.

This perhaps makes it the third such website. The other two being and India Right

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