Vodafone lousy service / Fake Services

Harshill Bararia

Aug 8, 2012
hey , Its been almost 8-9 months I have been running around Vodafone to fix the network error in my area , but NOTHING HAS BEEN done yet .Infact Vodafone has "claimed that the customer was called and was satisfied with the network fix" , Excuse NO ONE CALLED ME UP ?And how dare u close my Docket request/ Ticket without my consent ? How could you ? Vodafone has been faking all their customer for the past couple years and now i'm also a victim of the same .. Below are the docket request : 1070264562 1129172988 1175594770439511237And none of the above have been resolved but Vodafone has to say that the customer has said he was HAPPY .. ?? Vodafone only when u stand with a proof stating I have made any comment stating "I was happy with whatever , so called fix u tried for the network at my area" I'm gonna make sure I take this complaint down to the court .. I dont pay a bom for my month bill just to get such a service ..Be aware if ur with Vodafone ,Harshill Bairaria


ya ya ya ya carry on! drag them to court. but bhaiya you would also get dragged along with them.


Aug 7, 2012
just switch on to another network



switch ON and Switch Off from their networks, thats the only solution to teach them. one of my no. has travelled almost 6 operators since the MNP is launched and now finally setteled on RCOM gsm and i am happy atlast.