less speed; location changed from jaipur to gurgaon; signal strength same though


Aug 6, 2012
Purchased from bsnl jaipur, the modem used to show signal strength (AT+CSQ^M) of 17-18/30 and speed being 110-160 kbytes/s. now in gandhi nagar near sec 10, signel strength is same but speed barely cross 40 kbytes/s. even changing username from *@aaand.in to *@aaa.in did nothing.so what could be the reason ?thanks


Mar 13, 2008
Boost signal strength to 20dbi using home made antennaeRequirements:->Copper wire 2 to 3 meters will do(I used a single wire 1mm dia coaxial cable-2meters long)->An old FM Radio Antenna(I bought a FM Antenna for Rs15 from a Electronics shop)->Cello-Tape or a Clip to fix the Antenna somewhere outside the windowProcedure:->Streach the FM Antenna to its Maximum Length->Peel off the Coating on the cable->Wind the one end of the Copper cable on the Antenna leaving at least 2mm distance between the windings, and wind the cable on the entire length of the Antenna->Wind the other end of the copper cable on the modems Antenna again leaving at least 2mm distance->Fix the Antenna with a Clip or a Cello-Tape on the Grill of the Window with the Antenna facing towards the Tower