Help reqd on BSNLModem details


Jan 18, 2011
Hi. I currently have a BSNL wifi modem / router at home. However, the wifi signal is really weak and I wanted the unit to be changed. However, the BSNL exchange does not have any new units and have advised I buy a ADSL WIFI modem for Rs.1800 from one of the BSNL dealers. Below are my queries1. Is the BSNL ADSL WIFI Modem for Rs.1800 a good modem? They have another one callled ADSL wifi TA WOIP modem. Whats the difference?2. Is it better to buy a modem like netgear or asus etc (other than BSNL store modem). Would it work with a BSNL net connection and if so, is it can you recommend a few options (brands / model / approx price).Thanks,Victor

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