Growing price Rise in india!! Politicians do nothing!! salary remains the same!!


Jun 24, 2012
We all can see the growing price rise in India is growing and growing, government is not bothered, they should implement some kind of system so that the price can be controlled!!but they don't care as long as they are in power and money flows into there pocket!! as we can see the smaller denomination of our concurrency is vanishing no more 5 Pisa,10 Pisa,25Pisa... 10 Rs and 5 Rs. have become coins and there value is like the 10 Pisa and 5 Pisa used to be in those days!!! where is all this taking us where will all this end!! think of the poor what will they do!! where is India going where?? no development in any way!! does any one care!!


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Oct 3, 2011
dude remember one thing. any kind of effort to artificially control prices will lead to huge fall in output and subsequently insanely higher prices and black marketing. it has never ever worked in the history on mankind and will never ever work. had they opened up the agri sector this stuff would not have happened. all thanks to retarded policies in the name of shielding the aam aadmi. the more they try to protect the aam aami the more horrible the situation will become.u haven't seen anything yet !! lolz just w8 and watch. u and many more like u will start howling anytime any sector is opened up for competition and fdi all in the name of " they will screw us , they will put us out of business n shit" and then u complain of rising prices and a falling rupee !


Dec 2, 2010
Mnrgea is the root cause of inflation, less ppl doing actual productive work like agri/labour.The sooner they realize this the better, or things will keep getting worse due to labour shortage.Dont even think fdi will fix ur agri issues, because they can only invest, they won't magically fix the actual issues.


May 6, 2012
the only reason for huge increase in price rise is the corrupt congress and its dalals who get a cut in this increase.during raksha bandhan, in mumbai vegs and fruit vendors and also the sweets retailers raised their prices by upto 20-50% and did rampant looting.bananas were being sold at 70 per doz in mumbai. still people were buying. so who benefited - retailers and corrupt congresscome out and vote in 2014 for a change


Sep 2, 2007
Well there are number of reason for growing price , particularly with increasing oil prices . But policies our politicians are taking and money spending (tax) is also one of the cause. Yesterday i saw a program about MNREGA , where they are literally paying hard working farmers to do absolutely nothing. This has had a serious implication on agriculture itself. Consider it conspiracy theory , but after few months down the road and raising food rises , mainly due to lack of workers and increased payment towards workers for cultivation , UPA might start using this mythical food price raise as a need for the FDI in all sector particularly agri.
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