Expansion onto Richmond Road?


May 12, 2010
Hey guys,I'm actually making this thread to get a real response from ACTian so please bear with me. I emailed the ACT Broadband help desk and PM'ed ACTian about 3 weeks back about expansion into the Richmond Road area in Bangalore, my area actually, as it would be beneficial and simple according to what I've found out. I never received a reply from ACTian but I got a reply from the help desk about 4 days later telling me they had forwarded my email to their "concerned department" who did not reply by email but instead choose to send me a message 2 days later telling me that they "are not currently available in the area specified" instead of answering the original question. The area I'm talking about is Near Garuda Mall/Hosmat Hospital/Brunton Road/Trinity Circle (which is *apparently* covered according to the online availability map but is listed under Shantinagar which is incorrect) and is parallel to MG Road, the area beyond Hosmat Hospital and surrounding Brunton Road is almost purely residential with a few small IT businesses and other small businesses populating the area. Before emailing the help desk I actually did a small survey (not including me, as I would take the top tier plan) to see who would be interested in an ACT Broadband internet connection and I found that out of 15 people 4 people said they would definitely take the 1299 plan and the rest said they would consider the 999 plan as they either were unhappy with BSNL or moderately satisfied with Airtel (only two ISP's in my area, and BSNL's CC here is terrible), this survey was conducted with select people from 2 different apartments, so there are many more prospective customers for ACT Broadband in this area. Now ACT Broadband currently provides service to two other areas which are within 2 kms from Richmond Road and it shouldn't take much to expand and cover the area over here....The areas in particular are Brigade Road and Ulsoor (near MG Road area), and I am assuming that the cable runs along MG Road so they would just need to add on a few hundred meters of cable and about 3 more Access Boxes (I am assuming this number according to the amount of lanes connecting to this road and MG Road) to completely cover the area I am talking about!So if it is possible to expand here I would really be happy, but if it isn't I would at least like an official reply from ACTian.Regards,mS8^Y4prh8
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