lets talk about the condition of 3g in india.


Jul 22, 2012
its about more than two years past when 3g services are arrived in india but still there are so many factors which are making users disappointed.if everything goes fine then we can take much advantages over the traditional wired broadband connections, like no tension of disturbance in wire line in rain, strom etc, no need to get worried about the bills, changing the plans and many more.but the may problem is, after passing such a huge time 3g is still too expensive and needs a lot to improve.what is your opinion, what kind of fair 3g data plans should be for us.everything is not in the hands of companies because current government is helpless.you can suggest here what steps should government take regarding this issue.
Oct 17, 2012
3G services in INDIA is very poor in INDIA still company are struggling to upgrade there services in villages though they had more connections in and around India they are neglecting rural INDIA because they are really thinking the market using the services are very less

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