Jun 17, 2011
Yash Raj Flims and Udhay Chopra has launched Yomics , Graphical art of YRF Movies on Digital as well as Print Media .

My endeavor is to bring this art and this form of entertainment back and use the lure
of our movies to help excite and entice the first lot of consumers but that will only be
the beginning. For once you enter this world, I intend to take you to new places and
explore brand new characters and stories which I cannot do through any other medium
except this one.

So whether you be 10 or 80 there is no age that the fun needs to stop, there is no age
to stop believing in the fantastic and the unimaginable, there is no age that should
limit enjoyment of art of any kind . So for the sake of a 35,000 year old art, take this
journey with me and help me bring the joy of comics back to you.
- Uday Chopra

Website : Yomics | Comic Books | Comic Books India | Comic Books Online
FaceBook Page : https://www.facebook.com/YomicsWorld

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