Please Help........Wi-Fi disconnects after rebooting modem (UTSTARCOM WA3002G4)!!!!!!!!


Jul 16, 2009
Hello friends,How are you's been a long time to be here.............I have BSNL Broadband connection and the plan is 1350 unlimited. My modem is UTSTARCOM WA3002G4 which was supplied by BSNL. I have connected my desktop to modem using LAN cable. I also have a NOKIA E5-00 which i want to connect to modem using Wi-Fi.The problem is that when mobile gets connected to the modem wirelesslessly it works fine untill the modem is rebooted, once the modem gets rebooted i need to get into modem configuration page and to go to "Wireless" section in it, there when i click "save/apply" then again Wi-Fi gets enabled from modem and my cell finds it and works perfect untill the modem gets reboot. If the modem gets rebooted then again my cell can't find the modem's Wi-Fi signal untill i repeat the same procedure described above........the strange thing is that i don't need to edit or change anything here i just have to hit "save/apply" button once and again my cell finds the signal and i can use it on my mobile..........I have used WPA-PSK mode as security in Wi-Fi mode and had used a key also there........Can anyone of you suggest me what's wrong with my modem......i don't want to go in modem's configuration every time the modem reboots......or is it the normal procedure to repeat it.......??? If no then please help me out in this matter as soon as possible.......any help would be highly appreciated............