Out of blue balance deduction for a VAS you didn't want?


Jul 16, 2012
Hey guys, just wanted to share an experience from which I learned stuff yesterday. I use Airtel prepaid in Bangalore.Was browsing -- link removed -- (kickass torrents site) when some lame ad popup appeared saying download wallpaper or ringtones and stuff. Accidently clicked one and next second I got a text message saying " Thank You for choosing MULTICONTENTSTORE_25 on your airtel mobile. You have been charged Rs.25.0 for 7 days and your account balance post charging is Rs10.6 at 23:33."But luckily I knew somehow it deducted cos of clicking the ad accidently. Called up Airtel, he also said it must have happened cos of clicking some popup, they surprisingly restored the deducted amount with a min! So heads up guys because I've heard in past from friends of such out-of-blue balance deductions. Yesterday I learnt why.


Mar 13, 2011
It has happened with me too. I was surfing a site which I would rather not mention and their download button was cleverly placed between two huge ad banners. I accidently pressed the ad and got 14 bucks deducted from my account. Couldn't get a refund because I felt too embarrassed if they found out what site I was on...:(