Purchased Logitech M950 Wireless Performance Mouse


Dec 14, 2010
Hey Guys,

After going through many cheap wireless mice (belkin M450, Logitech ~1-1.5K models, Microsoft Basic wireless etc), finally bought Logitect M950 Performance mouse.

Logitech M950 Cordless Performance Wireless Mouse | Mouse | Flipkart.com

Got it from US for ~3.5k

I have wide hands and like my mouse solid and heavy and this mouse is both. I like the feel in my hand, and its doesn't move away just on the touch of my hand which i encountered with all the mice i used/mentioned above.
also all the basic low end models are tiny which makes it more difficult to use them(atleast for me or anyone with big hands).

I just posted this so that i can recommended this mouse to anyone who is looking for a solid big sturdy mouse.

Feel free to ask questions regarding mouse/features.


Congo Man, can you share some pics of the mouse and as its is mentioned in flipkart it is Rs.6480? how did you get it so cheap in US amazed.