Beam Cable Torrent Cache Not Working


Jul 17, 2012
hi guys, i need a solution more likely clarification Location: HyderabadProblem:You all know that beam cache provides high speed for their users, for example my plan b-max410...512kbps...and when i started downloading torrents i observed speed increased to max like 3.6mbps...which is unbelievable, firstly i thought its tweaks but later after little research i found that beam is providing high speeds...but this only valid if your fup is not reached...once your fup is reached, no high speeds...again you've to wait for the reset of now, i'm not getting high speed while i'm trying to download torrents even its a high seed torrent like 40000+ and peer 30000+i'm wondering why...? but in contrary to this month ie JULY...i found my dowload speed increased to 3mbps to 4mbps while download other softwares, vids etc,...other than torrents...but this too stopped after reaching 10GB....soi convinced myself that it was the fup for that speed...Reason for Posting:is it only me who's facing such problem or others too...i really miss torrent speed...i'd appreciate if any solutions for this post...thanks...

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