suggest wireless modem for hathway


Jul 12, 2012
Hello everyone,I am new in this forum and I am having trouble finding a wireless modem that is compatible with hathway.I don't want the modem provided by hathway as the sales guy informed me about the modem cost which is rs.1850 non-refundable and advised me to purchase a new modem of my own.He suggested belkin modem to me but I am confused which modem will work with hathway.Please if you guys can suggest me a modem I will be thankful to you.


Founder, Hayai Broadband
Jun 22, 2009
If the modem Hathway supplies uses the RG6 connection (like cable TV) you might not have much choice and may have to get the modem from them and then for WiFi get a separate router.

If Hathway in your area uses an RJ-45 connection (like the cable that you plug in to your computer/laptop, also known as Ethernet) then any Broadband router that doesn't include a modem (as most of those are for ADSL which only works with MTNL/BSNL, Airtel etc) will do.

For suggestions, there is a discussion on WiFi routers already in progress at