I already have two MTNL sims so can I group them in a plan?

Shah Jahan

Jun 24, 2011

I already have two MTNL SIMS so can I group them in a plan? I'm interested in the Tikadi Plan which is as follows,

GSM Prepaid SIM


My questions are,
1) Since I have two sims, can I use this plan or do I have to get their new SIM (which I don't want to)?
2) How do I create a group and link both the numbers?
3) It says that we can add two numbers to the group (totaling to 3 numbers) but I only want to add just one number, so can I do that or is it mandatory to have three numbers?
4) Do I just have to do this on one sim number, and the other number too automatically enjoys the benefits of being in the group or do I have to create group on both the sims and link them?

Thank you very much for your help.
I sincerely appreciate it.