Cannot access Router control page BSNL ADSL2 router(Teracom t2-b-gawv1.4u10y-bi)


Jul 9, 2012
Hi,I have a bsnl teracom adsl2 router .i hard reseted the router and now i cannot access the router home page i.e., . Here are the things i've done .*I was using it as a wireless point for my reliancebroadband,There was a temporary glitch on my reliance broadband yesterday so,I hard reseted the router and tried to access the home page(with my p.c adress and gateway and dns as got "unable to open the page" error in the firefox.*I powercycled the router and left it without power for the whole night.*Tried connecting in the morning and got the same problem.*I can see that the ssid of the access point is changed to "BSNL-AP".tried connecting it wirelessly using different wireless passwords (1234567890,0123456789,1234512345,admin,password)and could not connect to the AP.*Tried FTP,Telnet to no avail.*I read somewhere that i can access the control page by plugging in the bsnl connection into dsl and typing my ip address in the address bar of the webpage.But, I don't have ready access to bsnl connection.So could anyone please suggest me alternative ways to access my router settings page.UPDATE : I took the router apart , found good amount of dust and some layer left over by a liquid spill(i wonder how it got inside since i don't remember drinking milk!)anyway it has "conexant" chipset. I cleaned it,pressed the reset switch & the routers control page is working now.


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Feb 7, 2015

We have BSNL Teracom t2-b-gawv1.4u10y-bi wifi ADSL router modem Which is hard Hung. The RED powersupply, GREEN DSL, GREEN voip, GREEN USB lights are always on when powered.
Resetting the modem does not help. Reset button is concealed in between WLAN and WDS buttons. Reset was done by holding the reset button for 30 secs. The power adapter is working fine. The output voltage is 12V and 1A. I checked with a digital multimeter.
Opened the Modem to see any hardware issues. To open the modem, first remove the 4 rubber cushion support at the bottom. The front two support has screws underneath. Remove the two screws. You can then open the cover.
Once opened I examined carefully to see any part worn out or burnt. I didnt see anything burnt out. Evething seemed OK. I saw three Conexant ICs and 2 RAM ICs of the many ICs in the board.
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