Shoud router be reset to factory settings each time net connection is cut off


Oct 27, 2009
Hi,I have been using a Netgear WGR 614v6 router for some time now to simultaneously access internet via wireless on my laptop and via LAN on my desktop pc. It has worked well most of the time until last week. I have observed that whenever the internet connection is cut off for no apprent reason from my ISP's end the router resets itself when the connection is back and then the connection is restored on both (pc and laptop) without me doing anything. But it is not the case anymore. Even if the internet signal is back after a short disruption of 10-15 mins there is no internet access on any of the two pcs. I have to manually reset the router by pressing the reset button in the rear of the router with a ballpen and configuring it all over again by feeding all the info via page in a browser. Am I doing this right? Should the router reset or boot itself automatically whenever the connection is back without any manual interference at all? What is your experience with your brand of router at home if any? Correct me if I am wrong here as I am not that technical. this has become a headache now. Please guide me, thanks.

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