ADSL Model - DSL 2750 - Auto Restart


Sep 25, 2011
I had a requirement where I wanted to reboot my ADSL baby every 1 hour to get a new dynamic IP address from BSNL.Model - DSL 2750 (however this will work for any model which has telnet interface)ISP - BSNL 1. Put below code in a text file--------------------------------------------var Shell=WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell");WScript.Echo("About to Restart Router.. Internet connection will not work for 45 seconds")Shell.Run("telnet");WScript.Sleep(200);Shell.SendKeys("admin");Shell.SendKeys("{ENTER}");WScript.Sleep(500);Shell.SendKeys("admin");Shell.SendKeys("{ENTER}");WScript.Sleep(500);Shell.SendKeys("reboot");Shell.SendKeys("{ENTER}");-----------------------------2. Save the file with any name you want.. put the extension of file as .js (javascript file).. with .js extension your file will below an executable. Change IP/Username/Pwd as per your setup3. Double clicking on the file will execute the commands and reboot your router4. Have reschedule with script to run every 1 hour via windows task scheduler.EnjoyPunit

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