Radiation from Mobile Towers


Oct 21, 2005
Is there any way to personally check radiation levels inside your home ?Computer Radiation Now at Danger Level http://www.emwatch.com/Computers.htm


May 18, 2011
"radiation"is vague term.Light is radiation too and so is heat.FM radio is radio radiation too, similar to cellphones.what you want measure is also not sure.Is is the intensity or energy or quantity?Intensity is directly related to amplitude of the wave.energy depends on frequency/amplitude.Quantity would be how much of the waves exist is a particular area or volume of space.http://reviews.cnet.com/cell-phone-radiation-levels/so cellphone radiation is typically calculated as watts/kg.i suppose it it is 1.6W/kg , it's allowed for 1kg of a cellphone to emit 1.6watts of radiation.watts is power, amount of photons(light/energy) emitted per unit time similar to a bulb wattage.also interesting > http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/02/16/going-bananas-over-radiation/


Jan 1, 2011
i suppose it it is 1.6W/kg , it's allowed for 1kg of a cellphone to emit 1.6watts of radiation.

Blooper of the century. Looks like you do not even have the basic grasp of physics or biology.

As i said before, from the point of veiw of physics, there is no reason why cellphone radiation should cause cancer. (It may be doing it, but at the moment there is no evidence to support it.)

Hate to break it to you but physics is probably not one of your strong suits.
As for the "evidence", there is plenty, you've just chosen to ignore it.

Now read and weep.




If there is smoke, can you atleast agree that there could be a fire? Maybe for you, a lot of people seeing billowing smokes is nothing but a mere case of mass hallucination.

What will you defend next - katatel or argemone oil? I'm sure both are perfectly harmless and environment-safety nuts are blowing everything out of proportion and creating widespread panic.

Are you peering into a CRT screen while reading this or have you switched to an LCD one preferably with LED backlight? If so, why?

Did you know that most people in First World countries are showing an increased preference for ovens with halogen heating elements and their use of microwave ovens is limited to just reheating and nothing much? But fools like you never seem to have enough of microwave ovens.

When you go for a petrol refill the next time, please ask specially for leaded and not unleaded petrol. See if the petrol pump attendants can oblige you.

If you contract syphilis, please take mercury. That's what Oscar Wilde did and it didn't kill him.

Churchill was a prolific smoker all his life and died at a ripe old age, so start smoking atleast a pack a day and see where it gets you!

Ever seen "Erin Brockovich" and "The Insider"? Ever heard of "corporate cover-ups"? Do you have even the slightest inkling of the larger corporate forces at play, of how information can be suppressed and subverted for corporate and political gains? Are you that naive?

BPA and phthalates in plastic products and Teflon used for coating cookware are extremely harmful, there are reams of research work to prove that, whether you choose to ignore it is up to you.

Ca/Na/K- benzoates (e.g.: E211) commonly used in sauces, jams, jellies in India are all carcinogenic.

The infamous MSG is back in circulation in new avatars like "hydrolysed protein", "yeast extract" or in the form of guanylates and ionisates in chips and instant noodles while the packages claim in bold "NO MSG ADDED".

Rogue chemicals like parabens, DMDM Hydantoin and BHT are freely used in Indian soaps and cosmetics and not in European ones. I'm not even getting into the realm of pesticides and fertilizers as it would take all night.

All this is because of an utter lack of vigilance and information in Indian consumers and a total and absolute failure on the part of the Indian Health Ministry to disseminate any information to the general public for reasons best known to them.

But do keep using/consuming them by all means. No amount of research or proof will be enough for people like you, you exist to negate.

There are loads of things that human beings knew to be absolutely true until they were proved otherwise. Then too, there was extreme reluctance to accept the changes and innumerable attempts to discredit and stifle them.

The spirit of inquiry has died in people like you. You think that you know all and have seen all, you refuse to accept that a problem might even exist. Simple-minded fanatics like you run the risk of sounding the death-knell for any rational thinking.

Anyhow, please think twice before churning out another of your useless pieces of drivel but something tells me that you won't.


May 18, 2011
Well i never said i was certain of anything.All i said was there is no evidence yet to support the claim "cellphone radiations are harmful."Therefore there is no need for panic and from past experience it might as well be a false alarm.I wasn't sure about what w/kg meant, so i said i suppose.It seems it stands for absorption and not emission, i still fail to understand its relevance.I don't use CRT because LCD/LED are more efficient not because CRT maybe harmful.You do realise that Halogen heating also releases infra-red radiation, which can heat up human bodies too in a way similar to microwave. So your point here being?I am smarter than that, I don't use a personal motor vehicle.Sorry, i don't see how what Oscar Wilde or Winston Churchill did during their lived is relevant.I don't trust movies over simple logic. Private firms do indulge in practices that are unethical and corrupt, but when you have a viable alternative to mobile phones/WiFi/Radio/TV let me know.What we have is the best we can have at the moment. If someone had any new technology, I don't see why they wouldn't cash in on it.All through your post, you rant about all the things that may be harmful, like petrol, teflon, MSG etc. Some of these maybe due to selfish motives, other due to ignorance and some due to because they are necessary, and some aren't even proven to be harmful. This thread is for the discussion of cellphone radiations in particular. You can make a new thread about Tupperware if you want.Back on Topic.Now, there is still no evidence here that cellphones radiations are harmful. There are claims and cases, but none have been verified scientifically in a way that it can be asserted that " Cellphone radiations are harmful".Homoeopaths claim and show cases of their medicines working. Same for astrologer and other pesudo-scientists.Raising an alarm is fine, if there's a chance something is harmful, it must be investigated.But wait before its proven to be assertive about it. When people become cocky its a problem. Its also a problem when people cause mass hysteria and paranoid among people even when its not necessary.And because of the hysteria, people become gullible and are drawn to stupid pseudo sciences and pseudo medicines. People that are ignorant are easily fooled into buying covers for cellphones that block radiation and shit like that.Anyways, you claim to be better at physics than me, so answer me this.Cancer that is caused by radiation is caused by high frequency radiation like X-rays, Gamma rays etc.Cellphone Radiation is under radio waves, quite low on the frequency spectrum Radio-Microwave frequencies.How does the low frequency radiation inhibit cancer?


Mar 30, 2010
Interesting to see how many of us are just waiting for a report to admit that cell phone radiations are harmful. But my dear friends, there are plenty of reports, scientific reports available - but no1 acknowledges them. If the radiations was not harmful, why did EU countries like Sweden reduced the power norms? Prof. Girish Kumar of India has been tried ridiculed verbally several times, but none of the telecom co. CEOs have taken up his challenge to face to tower for 10 days! His study is based on EMF and is purely scientific.And BTW, try none of the cell phone co. executives have towers or will let you install a tower at-least in the 100m radius of their house. Everybody has a different immune system, some1 got the cancer early, someone will get it later. Cancer is not the only problem, there are plenty of problems related to radiations... and yes, check the warning board outside very tower - it confirms there are Harmful Radiations!


Nov 9, 2010
Sh Milind Deora, Hon’ble Minister of State, Communication & IT, inaugurated the complaint handling system for Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Radiation from Mobile Towers operational in Mumbai Telecom Circle for the citizens of Mumbai on 4th Oct 2012 in a function held at Mumbai.

The function was attended by distinguished members of civil society in addition to the Senior Officers of Deptt of Telecom.
Hon’ble Minister launched the HELPLINE by dialing 99695 55000. The helpline facility for complaint booking will be available from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM on working days. The online facility will also be available on DOT website Department of Telecomm through a link “Public Grievance – EMF

The EMF exposure limit (Base Station Emissions) has been lowered to 1/10th of the exposure limit standards prevalent in 90% of the countries with effect from 1st Sept. 2012. India now has one of the most stringent EMF exposure norms in the world as SAR value standards for Mobile handsets also have been revised.
Telecom Enforcement Resource & Monitoring (TERM) Cells of DOT have been conducting audit on the self certification furnished by the Service Providers. TERM Cell carries out Test Audit covering up to 10% of the BTS sites on random basis. For non-compliance of EMF radiation standards, a penalty of Rs. 5 lakh is liable to be levied per BTS for each Service Provider.

The Government shall continue to ensure that the best possible Telecom Services are provided by Telecom service providers across the Country without compromising on Public safety and human health. Hon’ble Minister informed that the work of testing of the site for EMF radiation has been assigned to M/s TCIL at present. The complainant can get the site tested by paying Rs 4000 to M/s TCIL. It was also informed that in case the site is found to be non compliant with respect to the
desired norms on testing then no fee would be charged from the complainant. The test results will be made available on the website of DOT and will also be sent to the complainant through email and SMS.

Hon’ble Minister flagged off the first team of M/s TCIL for testing, at the end of the function.
M/s TCIL will deploy 5 teams for this purpose which is expected to handle 15 complaints per day.

Now, sound off cell towers - Mumbai - DNA