Extremely low speed in Bangalore


Apr 24, 2012

Past few days, I've been noticing that the page load times while browsing had become extremely slow. Partly, I thought it was my fault because I had exceeded FUP and was just not used to 512Kbps anymore. But yesterday and today situation is very bad. It was impossible to even have audio only Skype conversation. The voices were garbled and the call dropped every 10 mins or so.

So I checked on Speedtest.net; but that was showing full 2Mbps (My FUP resets on 1st). Suspicious, I decided to check other sites. This is what I'm seeing

Intel Broadband Speed Test | Intel India -> https://i.imgur.com/qUoaN.png

Speed Test | Bandwidth | Broadband Internet Services -> https://i.imgur.com/cxuaN.png

Speed Test : upload and download | DSLReports.com, ISP Information -> https://i.imgur.com/D0yQT.png

Line quality test packet loss and latency | DSLReports.com, ISP Information -> https://i.imgur.com/d9a6s.png

I don't have enough technical knowledge to decipher the last screenshot, so can somebody help me here.

ACT Customer Care first informed that I need to clear my cookies and history. After I called the second time, the new guy admitted they had a backend problem and took down my complaint.

After all this, I realized that speedtest.net uses the closest server by default which happens to be Bharti Airtel in Chennai. If I changed the server to Singapore (SingTel) or Kuala Lumpur (Maxis) then the download speeds dropped to around 400Kbps.

Are other people facing this problem too?
ACT Broadband seems to be lurching from one issue to the other. The only area in which they face zero issues are calling up and asking for bill payment.


Dec 15, 2011
Hi As suggested you should do multiple downloads and confirm, if still you find it slow then let me know your account no by email.Rgds


May 4, 2012
Hi ACTianI am looking at a BB connection on hosur road Kudlu gate opp to agaraval hospital.Rgds

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