Upload speeds and Ping times


Sep 29, 2011
Ok here is my query Is there any ISP in DELHI that provides upload speeds more than 2mbps or even 1mbps on wireline connection ? I guess reliance provides great upload speeds specially freedom 999 plan but wireline is not available in my area .I've heard airtel uses ADSL2+ technology which can give max 1.5mbps uploadAlso till what extent does upload speed affect pings .. I'm really mad now (summer holidays goin on ) and.. Can't game online really ( call of duty ps3 ) even an indian airtel host gives 110 ms pings (which is really funny cz i get 125-150 ms on Singapore hosts) to me and lowest 75 ms ping . AND FINDING AN INDIAN HOSTED game IS RARE .SO 1 ) if i have lowest pings and gr8 upload speed ( right now 850 kbps ) i'll be able to host Call of duty games ( host means the person which has the lowest ping possible in game and the game chooses the host )2 ) i will be able to live stream in good quality .. Right now if i try to video live stream my game lags .. cz upload gets used in live stream ..When is HAYAI Broadband coming to delhi cz i heard it is like the fastest and stuff .. Also i have an online friend in Hyderabad who uses beam ... and his pings times and speeds are out of the world .. So i am really desperate for some good isp to come to delhi ... especially good for gaming ..