Got cheated by a Vodafone executive. Would like to escalate.


Jun 26, 2012
I came in touch with a Vodafone executive who was selling corporate plans for my company. After discussion I finalized 2 numbers and we also selected a Corporate Rs 99 plan. We got the sim cards in few days and the numbers got activated. After one day I was shocked to see that the one of the numbers given to us was not what we asked for. I called up the executive 3-4 times (executives usually get too busy once they have sold the connection ). He said he will give us 2 new numbers on our old sim cards. After few days he could only get one number changed. I called him again but he didnt answer my calls. I decided to live with the numbers.Few days ago I got another shock. The executive initially promised that due to the corporate connection (Rs 99 monthly plan) we will get a call rate of 50p local/STD with 200 mins free. To my surprise I found out that my monthly plan was Rs 199 which has STD rate of Rs1.50.These executives will promise you anything to get a connection from you and once you are trapped they wont answer your calls. I would say that be aware of what you are getting into. Avoid Vodafone if possible. Your complaint will land on deaf ears.


Oct 7, 2006
Lessons I have learnt from my mistakes in the past (When it was Hutch) & from othersA. Always choose plans which are documented (Either online, pamphlets etc)B. Make sure that is entered in the form which is application for a connectionC. Check SIM cards at the time of receiving (you missed here)D. If not happy with service, simply close the connection, getting changed is a big headacheMy worst experience was when I was told in early 2000s Yahoo/MSN is free & I went for a connection. After using & seeing the bill, I shocked to see charges and on inquiring was told the service activation is free , but messages cost X amount. Went to nearest center the same day (which at that time was about 10 km away) and closed the connection.-----------DOCOMO ad is very apt (though they themselves are no different) "Thali unlimited bola tha, pani nahi" - i.e (Meals are unlimited, but water is not)